Healthy Appetites

Everyone has an appetite. 
Some people have more of an appetite than others- 
but we all eat when we are hungry. 

Young children and teenage girls go through stages when they eat like birds. Some people don't need as much food as others and some people are just plain picky.

I grew up eating at the table with my family. I followed that pattern with my children. We sat down to a long table with benches on either side and a Captain's chair on each end. I didn't allow my children to rummage around in cupboards and the refrigerator in-between meals which insured that they were hungry when I called them to dinner. 

Except for Sunday afternoon treats and after school snacks which didn't fill them up, and kept them until dinner, they ate at meal times. One of my boys, a lean eater who could survive on a few glasses of milk a day, had to be watched carefully. No milk for at least 1 & 1/2 hours before dinner or he would have no appetite when we sat down to eat.

We ate at regular times and dinner was served between five and six o'clock so the little ones didn’t get too hungry and start whining. By the time breakfast came around, they were all hungry again.

Stock Photo by Caju Gomes