Roast Beef


  1. In a hot skillet (medium to medium high heat), 
    brown roast on each side in 2 TB oil over med-high heat.

    This will take a few minutes for each side if your pan is hot enough.
    The browning seals in the juices and makes brown gravy. 

  2. You can cook on low heat on top of the stove if you have a tight lid or bake in a roasting pan with lid at 325°. 

  3. Add chopped onions before baking, if desired.

    You don't need to add water if your pan is sealed so the moisture doesn't evaporate.

    Cooking on low heat produces tender, moist meat.

    A normal size roast will take about 2 - 3 hours. If you will be gone from home turn down the heat to 300° so it will cook slower.


Remove fully cooked roast from pan and let the pan cool. Stir flour (1 TB at a time) to the fat left in the pan.
Add enough flour to make a smooth paste.
Return the pot to the stove on medium heat.
Use a wire whisk and add 1 cup hot water, then add more water as it boils and thickens until it is the desired consistency. 

Add salt until the flavor comes out.


 Add cut vegetables to roast one hour before roast is done.

Photo by iman zaker